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Hamburger Konservatorium - Akademie - Alte Musik

Ancient music

Historically informed performance of music of the 16th to 19th century

Classes at the academy in the following courses of study

  • Postgraduate courses or/and artistic mastery with final examination in an artistic major subject
    Baroque violin, viola da gamba, lute, historical oboe and clarinet instruments, recorder and harpsichord
  • Diploma in Music Education (DME) with artistic major subject, final examination in cooperation with the Hamburg College of Music and Theatre
  • Additional courses of study with certificate
    Vocal with main focus on ancient music, chamber music with main focus on harpsichord as well as for all instruments (see above)

Further education for adults at the academy (A) and support of youth at the music school (M)

Classes in playing instruments and vocal as well as lessons for chamber music ensembles and consorts. Agreements on lessons will be made for each semester respectively per lesson (10 or 5 lessons at package).

Courses and events

For detailed information please contact the lecturers directly either by e-
mail or by phone.


Hamburger Konservatorium
Sülldorfer Landstraße 196
D-22589 Hamburg

Lecturers of the academy (A) and the music school (M)

  • Ancient oboe instruments: baroque oboe, double-reed wind instruments of the renaissance (shalm, bombard, crumhorn, dulcian) (A)
    Recorder, methodology, chamber music and ensembles of renaissance recorder (A + M)
    Renate Hildebrand
  • Ancient clarinets, chalumeau and bassett horns (A)
    Chamber music and modern clarinet (M)
    Odilo Ettelt
  • Vocal: focus on German songs, oratorio, chamber music with vocalists (A)
    Knut Schoch
  • Recorder and chamber music (A + M), methodology, ornamentation
  • Violoncello, baroque cello and chamber music (M)
    Susanne Weymar Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 50 64 43
  • Recorder and chamber music (M)
    Angelika Brauer Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 531 43 97
  • Recorder and cembalo (M), practical trainings for recorder (A)
    Kent Pegler
  • Recorder
    Mareike Beinert

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