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Postgraduate Courses concluding with a concert

This degree course is intended for students who have already completed or are engaged in music studies. The duration of the course is normally four semesters. Originally it was set up to offer to foreign students the opportunity to study in Germany for two years and then to return to their home countries. This degree course enables students from Germany or abroad, but also qualified music teachers and students with other specialisation, to develop their own profile, to perfect their artistic competence and to demonstrate it in a public concert

Further to instrumental and vocal music as major subjects the degree course offers an extensive education containing important subjects:

  • chamber music, piano accompaniment
  • choir, orchestra, rhythmics
  • phonetics, coaching, “musical German” for students from abroad

Moreover we offer the possibility to sit in musicological, theoretic and educational subjects. The final examination (with degree) comprises a public concert lasting about 50 to 60 minutes.

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