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Artistic Mastery (KR)

Studies at the Hamburg Conservatory in the instrumental / vocal major subjects can be concluded with the final examination of Artistic Mastery. The course of studies ends with a public concert and a colloquium. On this occasion musicality, technical expertise and artistic personality are assessed. This course of study is intended as a postgraduate course. Starting study with Artistic Mastery is only possible as an exception.

These postgraduate courses (normally spanning four semesters) are open only to applicants who have already successfully completed either the artistic foundation course, diploma in music education or their equivalent. In the entrance examination more ambitious compositions dating from at least three different periods have to be performed

During the course of study the students have to engage in solo performances, public concerts or comparable events.

To achieve the acceptance for Artistic Maturity a high technical expertise, the ability to perform on stage and an artistic personality have to be clearly visible.

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